The Only 10 Baby Toys You Need – Guide

I’m going to talk to you guys about the only 10 toys or the only 10 categories of toys that you ever really need in my opinion for young kids and this is a question I get asked all the time.
People who want to embark on this journey of minimalism want to know that they’re investing in the right types of toys that will serve them and that they are not getting junk.
So I’m going to just go through category by category, ten types of toys that I think are a good idea to get and I think I should say ahead of time that I think you don’t have to get all of these, you certainly don’t have to get all of them at once.

1. Blocks

baby toysSo whether these are solid simple wooden blocks or a more sophisticated variation like magma tiles, Taegu magnetic wooden blocks, or Lego and Duplo, the idea is to have an open-ended facing building block that your child can then create whatever world would ever think they want. The idea isn’t to follow instructions and build something perfect or build something that looks like on the package, the idea is to have open-ended blocks that they can do whatever they want with.

2. Dolls

A doll almost drive size or you know larger than tiny figures, something that the child can hold and imagine it could be a teddy bear, it could be a baby doll, it doesn’t have to be human although I recommend that it is and having a simple hopefully gender-neutral doll that doesn’t have all of the flashy, it doesn’t need to peanuts paper or cry or do all that stuff preferably not just a simple symbol of another human that they can nurture careful and project their own lives onto so when they are upset, when they are a hard time they project onto the doll that the dolls crying of dolls having a hard time and they have someone to enact seems that they have with you as their parent or you as their teacher with the doll and also to practice real life skills such as feeding, bathing, diapering, etc. These are things that young children love to practice and all of this that I’m saying here is gender neutral, it is not for boys it is not for girls, it’s for everyone and it’s healthy play.

3. Set of figures or characters/animals

It could be Playmobil people, it could be Lego people if your children are old enough, it could be just a little family, it could be animals but the idea is to give them a world that when they build with those blocks, they can then inhabit that world with something and animated an animal or person and this will give them license to act out important scenes from their lives to work through social, emotional scenes and themes that they are figuring out.


4. A Ball

It’s just the ultimate open-ended toy, it can be used in so many billions of different ways. You could put it in your tummy and pretend you are pregnant, you can hold it as a baby, you can throw it, kick it, bounce it and if there are so many ways to play with a ball, so a bowl or two is a fantastic opening the toy that all ages enjoy including adults.

5. Art Materials

Preferably some paint and paper, some cardboard boxes that you keep around, so just you know open-ended art materials, not kits, not things that have to look a certain way, really just there for expression and open-ended exploration of artistic expression is what’s important. I would recommend paint over markers if you’re choosing just because the paint is more sensory, more people, more freeing but if you have play-doh, if you have crayons, if you have some colored pencils, having some basic art materials available is always going to be an amazing toy for any age.

6. Scarves/Silks

Silk scarves simple solid, colored silk scarves are really cherished and the reason why is because they’re ultimately open-ended, there could be a case, blanket, towel, tent, flag, a pirate’s hat, they could be so many things, so rather than getting so many costume after costume, pirates costume, fireman costume, princess costume……. getting some open-ended scarves allows your child to then imagine in to them in a myriad of different ways and they are endlessly pleasing.

7. Gross Motor

Indoor swings are my favorite, just connecting a hook somewhere safe in the house and having some kind of swing or a couple of swings that you rotate out. I also recommend having some kind of gym mats, a small one that folds out are great green fold in one if you like it, but you know a mat can be used in so many ways as well it can be stood up and used with the scarves like a fort, it can be rolled on, it can be explored, it can be lied down, it can be slept on. Having a little mattress or a mat that your child can use in their play can be a great open-ended toy as well.



8. Vehicle

A vehicle or a set of vehicles or a train set, some trucks, something that your child can drive around. Most children have a fascination with vehicles, it is not strictly boys, it is for all children and just having some great vehicles that they can play with is going to be a really lovely open-ended toy. I would just caution to get the really and this is true for all of these things, to get the high-quality durable one that was slightly more open-ended and you preferably made out of wood or steel but not made out of flimsy plastic and not ultra detailed to the extent that they can’t be imagined into something else. So a truck, tractor, train, they are all fine but we don’t need to be so specific and perfect and exact down to the minutiae details that your child can’t then use it in other ways as well.

9. Books

A set of classic children’s books can be great, simple books that children come back to again and again through the years, the hungry caterpillar, goodnight moon, dr. Seus books come to mind and many of the newer books. You do not need to buy a huge collection of books for your child especially if you can frequent a library and once your child gets reading if they can be reading on a kindle but having a few simple well-loved books that you can revisit again throughout your children’s childhood is going to be a good investment and you can still maintain that minimalistic bookshelf.

10. Sensory

Sand or another sensory type of place, having a bin or a tray or an area where a child can explore with beans, rice, pasta dry in most cases and some cups with water, sand, I love kinetic sand for this purpose, it truly lasts for years and years, I’ve had mine for about three or four years, my pile kinetic sand and it can be played with the vehicles, people, animals that we spoke about and explored in many many different ways and it’s jus’t a really great sensory exploration and it’s so healthy and soothing for children for creative open-ended play.

So these truly are the ten categories of toys that I would really recommend playing with and having at home even a minimalistic home, having at least one set in each of these categories, you don’t have to have a doll’s house, push-chair, shopping cart for your doll… You can reuse and multi-purpose those items, but having a doll, set of blocks, etc… I think is definitely a worthwhile investment and will maintain your minimalist playroom.

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