Best Baby Monitor – Buyer’s Guide(SBB)

If you want more than a basic baby monitor, video monitors allow you to watch and entertain your child’s from a distance and can be a lifesaver for busy parents like you because they allow you to keep an eye on the nanny and your baby the night vision is clear and with its magnetic base you can install it almost anywhere indoors and you can set it up and connect it to Wi-Fi in less than a minute and see your home in beautiful high-definition video it lets you see once the lights go out so you can take care of the things that go bump in the night.

Baby monitor

Features of Baby Monitors to Think About

#1 Baby MonitorHere are some of the points you’ll want to think about before buying baby monitors.

  • Lens capability – They allow you to customize the viewing angles and zoom of the video monitor
  • Power source options — Check power options, many video monitors tend to use battery or AC power. We would recommend a model that can use either A/C power, USB outlet and/or rechargeable batteries.
  • Voice Alerts — Check if volume options are available, better if there is a silent mode which is useful during the night when the baby is sleeping.
  • Recording Feature— Another great feature is the ability to record your own voice and play it on the camera, check also if the device comes in with lullabies (nature sounds) which could be useful to make baby sleep.
  • Sensors — Opting for a baby monitor with integrated sensors to highlight the temperature humidity and air quality in your nursery, might be something you want to consider. By the time air conditions or weather changes in your nursery, it might be helpful to get either a push or email notification anytime

Shopbabyboom Picks: The Best Baby Monitor

Our choice for the #1 baby monitor is the TakTark 3.2 inch with wireless Video Color. It’s simply the best baby monitor you want more than a basic baby monitor, with a lot of great features that make it stand out from the crowd. While it’s not the cheapest baby monitor on the market, it’s definitely one of the best. If your budget is smaller, consider the TakTark 2.0 inch, which is nearly as good but is quite a bit cheaper.

We’ve written a  review on the 3.2″ and it’s little sister the 2.0″that you can read right here.

Best Price: TakTark the wireless Video Color Baby Monitor has the lowest online price at Shopbabyboom, with free shipping and a huge discount from retail price. It also comes with no-hassle free returns in the case you aren’t happy with it. Just click here to see TakTark 3.2 Inch baby monitor or click here to seeTakTark 2.0 Inch at Shopbabyboom!
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